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Saint Stephen Restaurant and Tavern

Welcome to Saint Stephen Restaurant and Tavern

Saint Stephen Restaurant and Tavern

Delicacies in special mood

Once, after the ravaging great flood of Szeged, when the city revived from its ruins, sellers and buyers gathered here at the wheat market. That is why the citizens of Szeged called it Wheat Square and only after 1880 did the town-concillors call it - after our most famous king - Saint Stephen Square. Gradually, though wheat traders moved out from this central square of Szeged, greengrocers, meat-, milk- and fish vendors took care of the special market mood of the square in the ever- accelerating twentieth century.
Later the mood of the square - just as its most beautiful ornament, the big-headed water tower, which was a technical stunt in its time - faded out. Today, workers are busy at forming a new, beautiful center a couple of hundred metres away from the flower-smiling Széchenyi Square. While the wooden stands disappeared on one of the entrances of Saint Stephen Square, at the corner of the Csongrádi Avenue, one of the most beautiful restaurants of Szeged, has opened, which - going by the name of the square - has the name after our state-forming king. After the reconstruction of the 130-year-old building, in January of 2006, the Saint Stephen Restaurant and Tavern, which prepared with great care, welcomed the first guest. In the restaurant, sixty persons can taste the worldwide famous delicacies of Hungarian gastronomy and can become acquainted with various exquisite dishes of other nations.
As it is proper in a city along the Tisza River, wide variety of fish dishes are waiting for the hungry guests. Moreover, vegetarians can also find special dishes for themselves as well as those who desires heavier dishes made of poultry, pork, beef or veal. In this remarkably wide menu, one can find the Cold fried paprika creamsoup with toast and smoked cheese on its top; however, if you want some hotter daintiness you can order a Gold duck soup.
The Tokay goose delicacy, Shrimp with dill or the Mushroom medley with pasta are recommended for gourmets. And who can resist to the temptation of the Paprikash catfish bundles, the Baja fishfan or that fish skewer on which red salmon and Nile pike cubes mixed with Californian pepper. Those who give the Saint Stephen Resturant a try can get acquainted how was once Mrs Fazekas's favorite like, how the Duckbreast with tangerine, the Seedy turkeytower served with cheesy mashed potato melts in one's mouth. Knight feast, Ambrosia, Goon meat and potato wafer with sour cream; all of these dishes bring us back in time. Taste of other regions and nations also appears in such dishes as Highland pork ragout, Country chop, Dinner of German army. And what can these names conceal from the guests? Please, unravel the secrets on the spot.
Naturally, the attentive hosts take care of the extensive list of drinks, so if one feels like it he can taste different regional wines even from a wine fountain. After eating your fill and enriched by various delicious taste you can lean back in your chair. And then, you can wonder about how can it brighten a holiday or just a busy working day if you are spending two or three tranquil hours in a restaurant where the chef knows all the ins and outs of his profession.
The contentment of the guests what makes the owner of the restaurant, Mihály Tóth chef, happy. The globe-trotting businessman, who once served in the Hungarian Fleet, has gathered experiences for long years when he opened his own-designed new restaurant with the aim that the restaurant would give unforgettable experiences with its supply and mood for the people live here and for foreigners as well. The Saint Stephen Restaurant and Tavern, situated in the Csongrádi Avenue 2/A, is open from 10 o'clock till midnight, on Sunday till 6 o'clock. Those who wants to reserve a table in advance can do it on the 62/633-763 telephone number.

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